The Continental Breakfast

Options can include:

  • Fresh Baked Croissants

  • Petite Chocolate Croissant

  • Assorted Homemade Muffins

  • (Lemon Cranberry, Carrot, Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Chip)

  • Homemade Scones

  • (Vanilla, Lemon, Cheddar and Chive)

  • Homemade Banana Bread

  • Braided Apple Turnovers

  • Fresh Fruit Platter

  • Yogurt, Berries and Homemade Granola Parfaits

Hot Breakfast

Options can include:

  • Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup

  • Eggs Benedict or Florentine with  Homemade Hollandaise

  • Hash Browned Potatoes

  • Three Cheese Frittata Bake with Smoked Ham

  • Maple Bacon,  Breakfast Sausage, Smoked Ham

  • Assorted Breads and Bagels

Quiche (8pc)

Options can include:

  • Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Swiss Cheese

  • Grilled Vegetable and Chevre

  • Kale, Tomato and Feta Cheese

Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps

Options can include:

  • BLT with Egg served on and English Muffin with our Signature Basil Onion Mayo

  • Egg, Ham and Cheddar Croissanwich

  • Breakfast Burrito (Sausage/Egg/Cheese, or Bacon/Egg/Cheese)

Artisan Sandwiches & Wraps

All of our Sandwiches and Wraps are made with in-house Roasted Meats, on our Homemade Focaccia Bread or Whole Wheat Wraps. Selections can include:

  • Roast Beef, Cheddar, Arugula, Horseradish Mayo

  • Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Smoked Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil Onion Mayo

  • Turkey Breast, Brie, Arugula, Cranberry Mayo

  • Prosciutto, Sopressata, Provolone, Spicy Bomba Spread

  • Grilled Zucchini, Eggplant and Pepper, Greens, Homemade Hummus

Boxed Lunch

  • Choice of Artisan Sandwich or Wrap

  • Mixed Green Salad

  • Homemade Cookie, Square or Whole Fruit

    From $11.75 per person

The Boardroom Lunch

  • Assorted Artisan Sandwiches and Wraps

  • Mixed Green Salad

  • Fresh Fruit Platter

  • Assorted Homemade Cookies and Squares

    From $16.25 per person

The Boxed Lunch

  • Choice of Artisan Sandwich or Wrap

  • Mixed Green Salad

  • Homemade Cookie, Square or Whole Fruit

    From $11.75 per person

Tea Sandwiches

Our Popular Tea Sandwiches are prepared on White and Whole Wheat Bread, and presented in “Fingers” on Round Platters, garnished with a fresh flower in the centre. Selections can include:

  • Traditional Egg Salad

  • Salmon Salad

  • Tuna Salad with Lemon and Dill

  • Black Forest Ham and Swiss

  • Cucumber and Cracked Black Pepper

  • Homemade Hummus and Roasted Pepper

Complete Afternoon Tea Reception

  • Assorted Tea Sandwiches (5pc per person)

  • Fresh Fruit Kabobs

  • Vegetables and Assorted Dips

  • Assorted Homemade Cookies and Squares

    From $15.75 per person

The Comfort Lunch 

Served with Mixed Green Salad, and Homemade Cookies and Squares or Sliced Fresh Fruit Selections can include:

  • Homemade Lasagna with Beef Bolognese

  • Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna in a White Sauce

  • Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni in a Rose Sauce

  • Chicken, Leek and Butternut Squash Pie

  • Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie

  • Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole with Peppers, Mushrooms and Kale

  • French Canadian Tourtiere

  • Shepherds Pie (Beef)

  • Shepherds Pie (Vegetarian)

Create Your Own Buffet a la Carte

Starting from $18.75 per person, based on a 20 person minimum

Includes Protein (1), Side (1), Vegetable (1), Salad (1), Fruit (1), Dessert (1)


  • Slow Braised Beef Short Ribs with Mushrooms, Merlot and Pearl Onions

  • Prime Rib Roast Au Jus

  • Marinated Beef Flank Steak with Coriander and Lime

  • Grilled New York Striploin with House-made Chimichurri

  • French Cut Grilled Veal Chop with Wild Mushroom Demi

  • Marinated and Grilled Korean Style Beef Short Ribs


  • Slow Roasted Porchetta

  • Homemade Classic Italian Sausage

  • (Mild, Spicy, Fennel)

  • Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin with a Brandy Peppercorn Sauce

  • Stuffed Pork Loin with a Caramelized Onion Demi


  • Herb Grilled Chicken Breast

  • Pan Seared Chicken Supreme stuffed with Spinach and Feta

  • Chicken Parmigiana

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu

  • Roasted Caribbean Jerk Chicken

  • Whole Roasted Chicken

  • (portioned)

  • Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

  • Creamy Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms


  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Tomato and Roasted Pepper Salsa

  • Poached Atlantic Salmon with a Creamy Dill Sauce

  • Pan Seared Cod with Grilled Pineapple and Mango Salsa

  • Rainbow Trout with a Tamari, Ginger and Sesame


  • Herb Roasted New Potatoes

  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  • Lemon Roasted Greek Potatoes

  • Coconut and Ginger Mashed Sweet Potato

  • Three Cheese Pasta Al Forno

  • Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Cream Sauce

  • Penne Pasta with Basil Pesto and Grilled Vegetables

  • Wild Rice Pilaf

  • Basmati Rice with Peas

  • Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Pilaf


  • Steamed and Sauteed Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Green Beans

  • Garlic and Olive oil Sauteed Green Beans and Roasted Peppers

  • Garlic Sauteed Rapini

  • Grilled Vegetables Platter  

  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts

  • Maple Roasted Carrots and Kale

  • Sauteed Bok Choy, Bean Sprouts and Carrots


  • Mixed Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Pumpkin, Sunflower & Flax Seeds

  • Traditional Greek Salad

  • Classic Caesar Salad

  • Arugula Salad with Roasted Peppers and Shaved Parmigiano

  • Baby Spinach, Toasted Quinoa, Cucumber, and Candied Pecans

  • Apple, Cabbage and Fennel Slaw

  • Quinoa Lentil Salad

  • Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette

  • Wild Rice Salad with Chickpeas and Dried Cranberries

  • Classic Potato and Egg Salad

  • Red and White Kidney Bean Salad with Cucumber and Red Onion

  • Mixed Bean Salad

  • Black Bean and Corn Salad

  • Thai Noodle Salad with Mango


  • Fresh Fruit Platter

  • (Melons, Pineapple, Grapes, Berries, Figs)

  • Fresh Fruit Kabobs

  • Fresh Fruit Salad with Lime Zest and Mint


Selections can include:

  • Homemade Cookies

  • (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Lemon, Ginger Molasses, Chocolate Mocha)

  • Homemade Squares

  • (Double Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Oat Bar, Lemon Coconut Bar, Smore Bar, Buttertart Square)

  • Homemade Apple Coffee Cake

  • Homemade Fruit Crumble

  • Lemon Coconut Bundt Cake

  • Special Request Items (please allow a minimum of 48 hrs notice)

  • Homemade Cupcakes

  • (Chocolate Nutella, Vanilla, Lemon,Tiramisu, Carrot/Pineapple)

  • Tre Leches Cake

  • Homemade Tiramisu

  • Birthday Cakes

  • Seasonal Pies

Hors D’Oeuvres (Cold)

Selections can include:

  • Assorted Sliders

  • (Roast Beef, Chicken Club, Turkey, Italian Sub)

  • Crostini

  • (Green Pea/Mint, Caramelized Onion/Blue Cheese, Tomato Bruschetta, Wild Mushroom/ Avocado)

  • Prosciutto wrapped Melon

  • Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds with Whipped Cream Cheese

  • Bay Scallop Ceviche with Mango, Ginger and Coriander

  • Baby Shrimp and Crab Salad Endive Boats

  • Individual Shrimp Cocktail

  • Cold Vegetarian Vietnamese Rolls

  • Puff Pastry wrapped Asparagus with Shaved Reggiano

  • Seared Polenta with Chevre and Grilled Vegetables

  • Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Dip

  • Fried Cheese Tortellini with Marinara

Hors D’Oeuvres (Warm)

Selections can include:

  • Mini Yorkshire Pudding with Sliced Sirloin and Horseradish Creme

  • Fig and Blue Cheese Tartlet

  • Mini Quiche

  • (Ham/Swiss or Spinach/Feta)

  • Mini Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki

  • Spanakopita with Tzatziki

  • Beef Satays with Hoisin Peanut Sauce

  • Pulled Pork Slider with Homemade BBq Sauce and Apple Slaw

  • Bacon wrapped Jumbo Shrimp with Basil Onion Dip

  • Homemade Pork Pot Stickers with Tamari Vinaigrette

  • Homemade Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

  • Fried Chickpea and Corn Fritters

  • Ontario Lamb Chops with Minted Chimichurri Dip

  • Atlantic and Smoked Salmon Cakes served with Homemade Dill Tartar

  • Mini Grilled Cheese with Brie and Mango Chutney

Frozen Meal Boxes

The perfect gift for Seniors, families with Newborns, or anyone that enjoys quality and convenience. Our frozen Meal Boxes come with freshly prepared frozen meals that are ready for your Oven or Stove top. Includes cooking instructions and delivery. Boxes include:

  • Carrot, Coconut and Ginger Soup

  • Cream of Mushroom Soup

  • Homemade Chicken, Leek and Butternut Squash Pie

  • Homemade Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie

  • Homemade Cabbage Rolls with Beef, Pork and Sauerkraut

  • Homemade Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

  • Hand-Breaded Chicken Cutlets in a Homemade Tomato Sauce

  • Steamed and Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables

$175.00 (Serves 2 people)   $325.00 (serves 4 people)